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Our Care Packages

Eating Edible sends delicious gift box care packages to family, friends, and especially our kids with food allergies and Celiac Disease.  Our packages are much more than care packages. Our gift box care packages are a key to happy survival!

When visiting or going to work, bring along an Eating Edible gift box. Keep some of our treats in your desk draw or the coffee room to satisfy an afternoon craving.

When your child heads off to college, it’s very likely that there won’t be any foods available that meet his or her allergy needs. Most stores across the country don’t carry allergy-friendly foods. So plan ahead. Make sure your child doesn’t feel left out when others get together to snack and hang out! Food is so often a key part of our activities.

Consider placing an order for monthly deliveries, or better yet try our Concierge Snack Sampler. That way your child can be an active part of campus life!

[Remember: 1. All are gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and egg-free!; 2. Our delicious care packages are also all available kosher; and 3. You can order yours to fit your personal dietary restrictions.]

>>Welcome and Mug Pack
Our most popular care package! It brings you one super special Move-In Surprise to help welcome your student on campus. There’s no better way to send the love from home than with this amazing selection of snacks, treats and delicious drinks that are all gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and egg free to keep them happy and satisfied.

It offers the perfect touch of deliciousness with treats such as Pop Secret Kettle Corn Microwave Popcorn, PopCorners Kettle Chips, Enjoy Life Cookies and Chewy Bars, Dr Lucy Cookies, YumEarth Organics Lollipops and Gummy Bears, Assorted Fruit Medleys, and much more including drinks like Starbucks Single Serve Instant, Chamomile Tea, Orange & Cinnamon Tea, Crystal Light Natural Lemon Tea, Crystal Light Natural Lemonade and much more. And you’ve stocked your student for success!

$43.00 (plus $11.50 shipping within the continental U.S.A.)                              

>>Clean Food* for Your  Athlete
Surprise your student athlete with a package of clean food that meets his or her dietary needs, tickles the fancy and is also gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and egg-free. Great for races, road trips, and for everyday snacking – these foods are friendly to taste buds and abs alike!

Clean Food for Your Student Athlete Care Package includes snacks like YumEarth Organics Lollipops, YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears, Tropical Blend Crunch Dried Fruit, Roasted Edamame Crunch Dried Snack, Seasnax Seaweed, Biena Chickpeas snacks, Starbucks Single Serve Instant, Green Tea, and more! (*Clean eating is a concept that stresses healthy, whole unprocessed foods.)

$52.95 (plus $11.50 shipping within the continental U.S.A.) 

>>Out of the Blue 
With more than a dozen favorites like Pop Secret Kettle Corn Microwave Popcorn, PopCorners Kettle Chips, Enjoy Life Chewy Bars, Enjoy Life Cookies, Assorted Fruit Medleys, and more, this surprise package practically guarantees a thank you call home…there’s no special reason needed to send the Out of the Blue package, except to show your love.

 (plus $9 shipping within the continental U.S.A.)                              

>>The Exam Survival Kit 
A favorite with students! This allergy friendly care package contains an assortment of high-energy success snacks that every student will enjoy during those endless study sessions. These Enjoy Life and Dr. Lucy Cookies and Energy Bars, YumEarth Lollipops and Gummy Bears and more will provide your student with that extra blast of edible encouragement. It’s the perfect gift basket for kids with allergies, as well as those without!

  (plus $11.50 shipping within the continental U.S.A.)

>>Cookies Galore 
The perfect gift for your hard working student!
 It will satisfy even the hungriest of late night cravings. These cookies are individually wrapped in packets of 2 to 5 cookies making them the perfect snack when running off to the library or meeting a friend. (The only thing missing from this allergy friendly care package is a glass of soy milk for dunking!)

$30.95  (plus $9 shipping within the continental U.S.A.)

>>The Inspirational Power Pack
Ideal for your athlete and student! This energy-packed power bar package will nourish your hard working student’s mind and body. All the bars in this allergy friendly care package are individually wrapped and make up a most appreciated gift for the Student on the Go!

$33.95 (plus $9 shipping within the continental U.S.A.)

>>Trick or Treater Goodie Box
Skip the night of trick or treating and enjoy our bounty collected just for you! It’s full of everyone’s favorites including Enjoy Life Cookies and Chewy Bars, YumEarth Organics Lollipops and Gummy Bears, and Motts Assorted Fruit Medleys to name just a few.

$25.00 (plus $9 shipping within the continental U.S.A.)

>>Concierge Snack Sampler
The ideal gift that shows you’re think of them!

This wonderful Gift Box is packed full with delectable treats. It is custom made for individual dietary restrictions, including Celiac Disease, or any foods allergies. Your special person will receive the perfect inspiration monthly or on the dates you choose that reassures them that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to, and that you love them.

All gift boxes come with a personalized note from you and are of the highest quality. Satisfaction guaranteed!

You simply select a 1, 3 or 6 subscription gift box plan.  We do the rest!

$61.45 (an Individual (1) Sampler including $11.50 postage within the continental U.S.A.) 

$154.38 (a Three (3) Month Samplers Subscription (at a 20%+ savings),and includes $11.50 postage per package within the continental U.S.A.)

$308.76 (a Six (6) Month Samplers Subscription (at a 20%+ savings), and includes $11.50 postage per package within the continental U.S.A.)

Please note that substitutions may be made in care packages based upon product availability.