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All of our care packages are available kosher allergy-friendly.

All the wonderful foods that Eating Edible includes in these delicious kosher baskets are pareve, and are labeled accordingly by the individual food manufacturers.

All the foods included in our care packages are in their original manufacture’s wrapper so that all of the ingredients and labeling are easily viewed.

This matters!

Living with food allergies can make a person feel isolated, particularly when they limit him or her from partaking in events.

It is hard enough going away from home, and spending long nights studying. But when the difficulties are compounded by not being able to find anything to eat – not in the vending machines or in the campus stores, students can end up feeling depressed and alone – simply because  they have not been able to join in and socialize.

Late night hours are a time of bonding. But our kids who have allergies have a rough time. There is nothing available for the student who has one food allergy, much less the more common multiple-food allergy diet. Then add being kosher to the mix!

That’s where Eating Edible comes in. We send delicious allergy-friendly boxes filled with “free” snacks — all gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free and wheat-free. All of which are available for a kosher diet! We also cater to all other dietary needs, at no additional cost. Just let us know. (Can’t eat corn? Soy? Chocolate? Or something else? We’re here for you!)

Remember us at holiday time! Send an allergy-friendly kosher gift box for Chanukah or any other special occasion.